Coaching Business Partnerships

Business partnerships fail at the rate of 70%.


A lot of people will feel the pain. Besides you and your partner and your respective families, your business’s failure will significantly affect employees, suppliers, and their families, even customers and your community.

Maybe your partnership falls short of meeting your expectations, and you need to deal with endless misunderstandings and other mishaps.

The 30% of successful partnerships exceed the loftiest expectations.

As your coach, I’ll guide you to be in the 30% that succeed.

I’ve been coaching for over 35 years and know the secrets from beginning to end – ranging from choosing the right partner to developing a win/win exit strategy that needs to be present in the between years.

All business is about relationships, and business success requires the best people skills. As partners, you must be a match in more ways than having a shared interest in the same business. It would be best if you shared values, goals, commitment, and more. It is vital to have conversations about these issues and more.

Most of all, you must be open, honest, and transparent in communicating with each other.

Partners who live in an atmosphere of tension and lack communication are always amazed during their first session when they talk to each other with respect and openness.

Here is a typical call received from one partner.

Here’s my problem – I’m doing all the work. My partner is not doing what he said he would, and I’m ready to walk.

After speaking to them together, neither partner remembers what they said when they first got together, who said it, or if they even discussed the issue at all.

They misunderstood each other from the beginning and have not had regular meetings to evaluate and update all business areas. Rather than a meeting together, their relationship is one of avoidance and mistrust.

They conduct business by putting out fires, and both partners no longer enjoy their business and have lost sight of their vision.

I can work with you to…

Choose the right business partner or solidify success in your existing partnership, identify and eliminate the obstacles preventing you from having it all.

Through coaching, you will learn to attract and keep more clients or customers, build a loyal and productive team, and stay focused and accountable to achieve your goals.

With the right partnership and team, your work-life balance will improve, and you will have the personal life you want.

Or, if it’s time to end the partnership, you will know how to do it in a win/win way, and if you want, you can remain friends.

When the communication is troubled, so is the business venture.

Coaching opens the door to communication.

The better the communication, trust, and respect are at the top, the more the business functions successfully from top to bottom. Everyone wins, including employees and customers.

Ultimately, your success will be seen in your growing bottom line.

Join the 30% Club of successful partnerships. I will tell you how.