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Don’t make the mistake of creating a simple agreement between you and your business partner and assume that everything will be alright. Our products have been tried over many years and found to be invaluable to saving partnerships. They are one-of-a-kind guides to having the conversations you need to have and are unique to your partnership. Find out more by clicking on these products.

Guide to Choosing the Right Partner

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Business and joint venture partnerships that work are great for many reasons, but 70% of them fail. Don’t allow yourselves to be one of the 70% of lost dreams.

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Business Partnership Agreement Template (BPAT) plus Bonus:
The What-Ifs Scenario Handbook

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This agreement is the foundation of your partnership and business. It relates to the uniqueness of you, the partners, and the business as you want it to be. It is different from agreements written by lawyers, but includes some of the information that your lawyer will use.

Do this template first and solidify your partnership by becoming the team you need to be. You will learn to improve your communication, the first essential in creating the success you seek.

A clearly written, easy-to-follow, 33-page guide to make and record the decisions that define and save your partnership relationship and the way your business functions. This is an immediately downloadable ebook.

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What-Ifs Handbook

FREE BONUS – when you purchase the Business Partnership Agreement Template

This 29-page e-book walks you through conversations and decision making about crises that may occur. Not all of them will, maybe even none, or maybe something that is not included will happen.

This book works hand-in-hand with the Business Partnership Agreement Template.

The only way to acquire ‘The What-Ifs Scenario Handbook’ is as a bonus when you purchase the Business Partnership Agreement Template or as part of a Coaching package.

Joint Venture Agreement Template (JVAT)

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The two BIGGEST mistakes that lead to failure in a Joint Venture are:

  • Not making sure you are a good fit for each other as partners
  • Not discussing the details of your joint venture and writing your decisions

This Joint Venture Agreement Template walks you through the process and sets the foundation for a strong and successful joint venture.

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Work with Me in Coaching Sessions

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“I’ve entered at least a dozen partnerships, formal and informal, but had never even considered most of what is inside The “What If” Scenario Handbook. This comprehensive, well-thought-out guide should be given to every new business partner before they begin working together to save an enormous amount of frustration and disappointment.”
– Milana Leshinsky, Author of “Coaching Millions”