More than 70% of Business Partnerships fail

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Dr. Dorene Lehavi here, and I’ve been in your shoes. As business partners, we’ve all experienced those challenging moments when disagreements become a damaging, daily norm. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m inviting you today to participate in an insightful assessment, designed to help you recognize the short, and more importantly, long-term impact conflict has on your business & partnership. It’s your chance to reflect, assess, and most importantly, take back control.

In recognition of your time and willingness to engage, you’ll receive FREE access to a comprehensive guide on resolving business partnership conflicts. This resource is often only available to my private clients, and it’s yours, absolutely free, when you complete the assessment.

This exclusive guide includes:

  • An exploration of how conflicts escalate and the potential impact on your business.
  • Real-life scenarios that shed light on proven solutions to conflict management.
  • Strategies to prevent disagreements from turning into detrimental conflicts.
  • Recommendations on when and how to seek professional assistance.

Armed with this guide, you’ll have a roadmap to build a resilient business partnership that can weather conflict and emerge stronger.

Why wait? Now‘s the perfect time to take this assessment and start the journey to a healthier, more productive partnership. Remember, a conflict-free partnership isn’t just beneficial for your business; it’s crucial for your personal peace of mind.

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Together, we can conquer conflict and pave the way for your business partnership’s enduring success.

With Dr. Lehavi’s proven system, you can experience a better business partnership. Increase morale and grow your bottom line.

Don’t let your business partnership wilt on the vine. When you fail to take action, your business partnership will be one of the 70% that fails.


Businesses fail

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“In just a few sessions, she had my partner and I talking openly about harboring issues and working toward real solutions. Dr. Lehavi is a true professional when it comes to dealing with partners at odds with each other…My partner and I could have saved a lot of time and energy over the years had we talked with Dr. Lehavi sooner.”

Ryan Cady

Co -Owner, Sock Guy

“This is awesome. I wish I would have known you in my previous partnership. It could have saved me $180,000 and a lot of aggravation. I don’t think people understand how important it is to put everything on the table before making the investment in a business. Businesses would not go down the drain if they dealt with the issues you are raising early on. Whatever people pay you is chump change compared to what they get.”

Perla Castellanos

Partner to Adam Libman, CPA

“Thank you Dorene for being a guest on our weekly training at I really admire your work and see you as a Master of working with partnerships. You truly understand how to help partnerships navigate through tough times and point them in a positive direction. “

Coach Gary B. Henson


“Dr. Lehavi has the unique ability to quickly assess the root cause of what is creating “friction” in a business relationship, and knows how to provide guidance and tools to resolve conflict and improve relationships. Her wisdom and experience has helped our partnership and Company.”

Jake Romero and Jason Davis

Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center

“We could not have had as much success as we’ve had without your sage and loving counsel. Thank you again and again.”

Sydney Weisman and David Hamlin

Principals, Weisman Hamlin Public Relations

“Hey Dorene, Thank you for an incredible experience! You made me fully understand how important
it is to have a process and system to put a partnership together.”

Chad Mureta