“I’ve entered at least a dozen partnerships, formal and informal, but had never even considered most of what is inside The “What If” Scenario Handbook. This comprehensive, well-thought-out guide should be given to every new business partner before they begin working together to save an enormous amount of frustration and disappointment.”

Milana Leshinsky,Author of “Coaching Millions”

“Hey Dorene, Thank you for an incredible experience! You made me fully understand how important
it is to have a process and system to put a partnership together.”

Chad Mureta

“Dr. Lehavi helped me clarify each step in the decision-making process beginning with whether or not to start a new business to choosing a compatible partner. She cuts to the chase, simplifying what seems complex, making it obvious what needs to be done.”

Pauline Raschella,
CEO Raschella Home Decor

“Thank you Dorene for being a guest on our weekly training at Businesscoach.com. I really admire your work and see you as a Master of working with partnerships. You truly understand how to help partnerships navigate through tough times and point them in a positive direction. “

Best wishes,
Coach Gary B. Henson, (President) www.BusinessCoach.com

“This is awesome. I wish I would have known you in my previous partnership. It could have saved me $180,000 and a lot of aggravation. I don’t think people understand how important it is to put everything on the table before making the investment in a business. Businesses would not go down the drain if they dealt with the issues you are raising early on. Whatever people pay you is chump change compared to what they get.”

Perla Castellanos
partner to Adam Libman, CPA

“I recently entered into a joint venture with another party for the purpose of running a business and professional education group. Although Dorene’s Joint Venture Template provides extensive information, some of which was not pertinent to this venture, it was easy to pick out the parts that would. We ended up with a 3-page agreement that clearly covers all the relevant parts.

I will use this template again in other joint ventures. Based on my over 40 years of business experience and having been in a number of partnerships, most that did and some that did not work out as expected, it would have been helpful in all cases to have this detailed template as a guide.
I highly recommend it.”

Dalia Hayon, Independent Financial Planner

“When you start a business partnership or joint venture it is easy to overlook the details in the excitement and promise of the venture. Having a joint venture agreement is essential to level set expectations and avoid costly misunderstandings. But who has the time to think through all the important considerations?

With Dorene’s Joint Venture Agreement Template you don’t have to worry about what you have forgotten to discuss. She has made what can feel like an overwhelming task as easy as filling in the blanks! Working through the agreement brought up issues and questions that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise and that needed to be discussed and agreed upon.

Filling it out made my partnership stronger and our venture more productive.
Thanks, Dorene!”

Gary M. Jordan,
Ph.D., Your Talent Advantage

“Dr. Lehavi has the unique ability to quickly assess the root cause of what is creating “friction” in a business relationship, and knows how to provide guidance and tools to resolve conflict and improve relationships. Her wisdom and experience has helped our partnership and Company.”

– Jake Romero and Jason Davis
Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center

Dear Dr. Lehavi:

I just completed your book on “Business Partnership Essentials: A Step-by-Step Action Plan for Succeeding in Business With a Partner”. Your book is a must read for anyone thinking about going into a business partnership, and it’s a must read for existing partners who want to maintain good partnership relations. The book is also a good manual for lawyers who want a roadmap and checklist for advising partnership clients on how to keep a good partnership going and how to look for signs that indicate that something may be wrong.

Thank you for sharing. I have already recommended your book to two people. More recommendations are forthcoming.


Demetri Chambers, Esq.

“Dorene’s insightful questions helped me realize that my priorities were actually different than what I had been telling myself. This provided a foundation for continued self-realization and a more successful career than I had enjoyed prior to my work with her.”

Paul Hempel, Esq.
Waltham, MA

“We could not have had as much success as we’ve had without your sage and loving counsel. Thank you again and again.”

Sydney Weisman and David Hamlin
Principals, Weisman Hamlin Public Relations

“Dorene is a very insightful listener. Her coaching has helped me find the courage and honesty to see who I am, to acknowledge my accomplishments, and to understand the source of my insecurities. Thanks to Dorene, I am overcoming my fears and have begun building a sound financial strategy for living the kind of life my family and I deserve.”

Cenmar Fuertes, Founder & President
Sparkle, LLC

“From partnerships that fall apart to those that become an ongoing struggle of clashing needs, the main cause is often a lack of clear communication and expectations from the start. Dorene Lehavi has put together a must-have process for anyone wanting to create successful, joint ventures and business partnerships. Her simple, yet powerful templates for starting off your partnership strong covers a wide range of topics that might otherwise be overlooked at the start. If you’re wondering how to make collaborations and partnerships work for you and your business,
this is the place to start.”

Shawn Driscoll
Coach, The Trailblazers

“Dorene’s skill is very unique. She is able to address concerns in a partnership that are unknown to the partners themselves, and provides a structured roadmap to navigate the various obstacles that exist to a thriving partnership. She stresses that her client is the business, which is the exact approach that we appreciated in her working with us. On a scale of 1 to 10, we started at a 1-2, and within a few months, she raised us to a 6-7. She is invested in our success and we are very grateful that we found her!”

2 Los Angeles Lawyers

“When I first called Dorene, I knew I needed help with my work life. Little did I realize the positive impact that call would have on my whole life. At the time I was working all the time, never said no to my boss. I took few vacations and often, the pre-vacation wrap-up was so stressful that it almost wasn’t worth the vacation. My family life suffered and I had no personal time. With Dorene’s guidance, I dug deep to identify the source of my work problems. We then worked on identifying clear objectives and acting on achieving those objectives. I won’t say it was easy. It was difficult to admit my role in my problems. It was scary to act on correcting them. The liberation of making the change is worth it. My whole life is better. I think the bottom line for me is that I respect myself more.”


“Dorene Lehavi has created an incredible toolkit for anyone who is thinking about entering into a partnership. Her thoughtful “What If” questions, and easy-to-use business partnership template will save you thousands of dollars on attorney fees, and hundreds of thousands in the future in the event your partnership doesn’t work out. Thank you Dorene for your detailed research that has enabled me to comfortably share your work with my clients and made both of our lives easier.”

Lisa Marie Platske, President,
Upside Thinking, Inc (www.UpsideThinking.com) and,
Founder of the Leadership Success Summit (www.LeadershipSuccessSummit.com)

“I found Dorene via some of her awesome articles online, it was clear from her writing that she knew what she is talking about in regards to business partnerships… Dorene has clearly done this before and helped facilities a very difficult conversation and kept it from turning “Aggressive.”. I would recommend her to ANYONE in a business partner, and ESPECIALLY to anyone about to start a partnership.
It ALWAYS pays to do the preventative work.”

Jason A.
App Empire

“In a just a few sessions, she had my partner and I talking openly about harboring issues and working toward real solutions. Dr. Lehavi is a true professional when it comes to dealing with partners at odds with each other…My partner and I could have saved a lost of time and energy over the years had we talked with Dr. Lehavi sooner.”

Ryan Cady
Co-owner, Sockguy

“When one realizes that he or she has hit the proverbial wall in practicing law, obtaining the assistance of a coach can be a helpful start to a breakthrough. Having felt the effects of confronting this wall (self-doubt, panic, etc.) I have greatly appreciated the assistance that Dorene Lehavi has provided me in seeing that change, while unnerving, can be a good thing. Most importantly, Coach Lehavi has led me to a place where I can take the time to explore my next career path, keeping in mind my unique talents and interests, rather than simply the needs of an employer or client.“

DH, Esq.

“Dr. Lehavi’s coaching helped us to communicate more effectively especially around our different perceptions and work styles. As a result, we have become a more effective, smoother running partnership with increased trust, respect and reliance on one another.”

Mario Gallo, President | Adam Libman, CEO
Inner Circle Networking Association

“The consulting work of Dorene Lehavi, Ph.D. has immeasurably advanced our work, taking this non-profit organization to the next level. In a thoughtful and personable manner, Dorene studies your needs, prepares a concise plan of action, and meets the goals we set. Her experience as a social worker and therapist adds considerably to her already empathic ability to get to the heart of every business matter.”

Jordan Elgrably
Founder, Executive Director

“…halfway through your book I’ve eliminated the possibility of a partnership with the initial group who were the reason I ordered your book. THANK YOU! It has been an investment with an immediate ROI.”

Patrice Fisher

“As the other partner in the firm, I came to Dorene Lehavi and ‘coaching’ with a healthy skepticism. After all, we’ve been in business for a long time, we have enjoyed a measure of success, and we’ve kept a good marriage good, too. What could coaching possibly add?

Well, here’s what Dr. Lehavi’s extraordinary coaching gave us:

• a level of professional communication between us which never existed before and which has made our day-to-day work more effective, more efficient, and far more enjoyable.
• a new website, new business cards, a brochure in design (we had never had one before coaching), and a new Company Profile which is by far the best description of the firm, and the best sales piece for the firm, we’ve ever generated (that profile is the direct result of a single coaching session)
• a positive attitude about the value of our work and our professional stature which either did not exist or which we simply would not have discovered without coaching. That attitude led us to pitch the first potential client we encountered, post-coaching, at a level of compensation higher than any we’ve ever quoted and we feel terrific knowing that we deserve the figure we quoted.

I have rarely been as impressed with a professional as I am with Dorene. She has been positive, intelligent, thoughtful, and supportive. She has also pushed us (she gave us homework!) to a level of self-esteem which, in retrospect, we clearly should have had and nurtured all along.
My skepticism has been supplanted by an enormous measure of respect and admiration.

I cannot recommend this coach strongly enough — if you’re in a partnership, a small firm, or a successful business of any size which could or should do better, work with Dorene Lehavi.”

David Hamlin
Weisman Hamlin Public Relations

“Dorene focuses on what truly gives a person satisfaction in his or her work, and helps eliminate those things that mean little at the end of the day.”

Roger Furman, Esq.

“As a happily married couple in a business partnership, we brought a healthy compatible attitude to all our business endeavors with each other. But under Dorene’s expert tutelage, we found we weren’t communicating as effectively as we should have been. We also discovered that we needed her outside expertise to guide us through several steps at improving the way we market and project our company image. Her candor opened new opportunities we would not have realized and issues we could not have openly addressed without her.”

Sydney Weisman
Weisman Hamlin Public Relations