Why Therapy?

You can’t hide how you feel inside.

“Another day, another mask.”

If only you didn’t have to get out of bed and face the day wearing the mask which you began wearing years before COVID. It’s the one you wear to fool people into thinking you’re competent, confident, and a person with answers.

If only you believed it, too.

Throughout the day and interrupting your sleep is that little voice telling you how inadequate you are, undeserving, not good enough.

You feel ashamed and stymied. Your job or career is unfulfilling, and relationships don’t work. You believe you’re no match to all the others having a good life. It exhausts, depresses, and makes you anxious.

You need a way out from under it.

Healing starts with confronting yourself.

You can achieve what you want, but first, we’ll need to explore the source of those beliefs about yourself.

Those beliefs began in your childhood where you may not have received the unconditional love you craved and deserved, causing you to feel that you didn’t have value. Things happened, big or small, to ingrain the negative beliefs and feelings about yourself.

Sometimes, because you were a child, you interpreted what people said about you. Your parents are the first source, but it could just as well have been another family member or even a teacher that said something that became the theme of what you believe about yourself.

Healing requires us to revisit those experiences. We can do that and free you to have the life you desire and deserve.

You have a friend to walk beside you.

I’ll walk with you through this journey, never judging, being supportive, warm, and providing you a safe place to understand what is driving your life.

It can be painful at times, but ultimately you can achieve your goals.

Together, we’ll discover your blind spots, weak spots, and strengths as a foundation to build the life you desire.

As your communication improves, so will relationships, allowing you to grow into the life you dream of and desire.

Enhancing communication is part of the solution.

Inner Child Work, Psychodynamic, CBT, Strengths Building, Mindfulness are modalities I use to help you achieve your goals. There will be aspects such as psychoeducation and borrowed features from other modalities such as Somatic Therapy that I will use based on what you need.

We will focus on improving your communication skills. What you communicate to yourself is the main priority.

I can help you. With 35+ years as a trained professional with real-world experience, I’ll help release you from that critical voice.

Find your authentic self.

Imagine removing your mask (not the COVID one), comfortable being your authentic, confident, and competent self.

Imagine being able to sleep peacefully through the night, your life back on track.

Don’t wait! Schedule a free 20-minute “get to know you” session to assure we’re a good fit.

Call or email me now to get started; I look forward to meeting you.