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Your best path

Life is a journey of twists,

and turns filled with things we learn,

beliefs we take on, habits we form,

and choices we make.

Sometimes the path takes you to where you want to be.

Other times, you encounter obstacles – maybe many.

Obstacles can make you wish you had taken a different direction.

What would your story be?

Tom C. 49, remained in middle management for 20 years. He was better than the job required and should have earned a higher position and commensurate salary.

However, he made no move because he was living with his lifelong belief that he wasn’t good enough.

As his therapist, I helped him uncover the source of his beliefs, working out the details until he gained confidence in himself. He then was able to find a position in a company that valued his skills, offered him a senior management position, and paid what he was worth.

As a coach to Ray T. and Samantha C., partner owners in a manufacturing company, they complained about each other not doing what the other promised, which resulted in tension felt by everyone connected with the business. Teams were not functioning, and the bottom line was slipping.

We addressed the tension between them based on poor communication and lack of transparency.

They were amazed to speak to each other in the very first session.

The partners learned how to communicate honestly, resolve differences, lead teams, be understanding and supportive. The result was a better functioning partnership, more productivity, employee satisfaction, and a growing bottom line.

Ben B. was the sole owner of a chain of furniture stores. He lacked clarity about important goals and was facing a tough decision, around which he remained stuck for years, causing him high levels of stress and distraction. It was time to make the decision he had been avoiding.

As his coach, I helped him open his mind to options he never thought about. Ben then could take steps with clarity and in a direction he never considered.

Seeing the value of having an outside expert confidante, he opened up about other issues he dealt with regularly.

Ben’s life and business became less stressful and more enjoyable, resulting in a better functioning team, a growing robust bottom line, and more satisfying personal relationships.

*Names are fictitious.

Let’s eliminate your obstacles!

You’ve encountered a number of obstacles on your life path.

What are the big results you’d like to achieve?

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Hi, I’m Dorene!

Welcome to my website!

If you are here, you are looking for a solution to a life challenge.

I’ve worked with so many people in my lifetime and never met a person who wasn’t much more than they thought they were. I always saw them in their fullness, their possibilities, and was able to hold that vision for them until they grew into it.

I’ll do the same for you by creating a private, safe space of no judgment where you tell me your story, your challenges, aspirations, and goals.

Listening intently, I will point things out and ask you deep questions that will open your mind. I will guide you to the self you want to be.

For more than 35 years, I’ve been helping people as their coach or their therapist. It will be my pleasure to be one of these, helping you, too.

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