Business Partnership Coaching

Work with me to develop your partnership in a way that leads to effective communication and a successful partnership. With my years of experience I can help you both navigate the partnership in a way that is truely mutually beneficial. Click to Learn More!

Individual Coaching

Every entrepreneur finds themselves in a rut from time to time. Its a natural part of the process. When you work with me I will help you identify the blind spots that are keeping you in that rut and help you to grow past the plateau you are currently experiencing. Click to learn more…

Let’s eliminate your obstacles!

You’ve encountered a number of obstacles on your life path.

What are the big results you’d like to achieve?

I would love to know your goals and challenges.

Let’s schedule a free 30-minute session to find out
if we are a good fit to move you to where you’d like to be.

Let’s Talk

Hi, I’m Dr. Dorene!


I’ve worked with so many people in my lifetime and never met a person who wasn’t much more than they thought they were. I always saw them in their fullness, their possibilities, and was able to hold that vision for them until they grew into it.

I’ll do the same for you by creating a private, safe space of no judgment where you tell me your story, your challenges, aspirations, and goals.

Listening intently, I will point things out and ask you deep questions that will open your mind. I will guide you to the self you want to be.

For more than 35 years, I’ve been helping people as their coach or their therapist. It will be my pleasure to be one of these, helping you, too.

More About Me

” Dorene Lehavi skills as a Business Coach have earned her a spot on the Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.”