Difficult Conversations

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Partnership Stories

Talia and Sabrina got along very well. They had been college friends and decided to go into business together. The business was doing well, but there was one issue between them that when it was brought up ended in a yelling match. They were both wise enough to recognize that this was a foreboding detriment to the continued success of the business and to their friendship.

They requested coaching on this one issue. I had them both describe their viewpoint about the issue which was about compensation and in one session was able to help them agree on a solution that they could both accept. It was eliminated as a sore point and they continued growing their business as friends.

All it took was someone outside of the relationship to help mediate the discussion. When I work with partners I take the time to hear both sides without interruption, allowing each partner to express their feelings and concerns. This also enables the partners to listen to each other and truly hear their partners’ concerns. Only then can they begin to work on the issue at hand.

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