Failure OR Success For a Partnership?

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Partnership Stories

Sandra and Mara, two young women in their 20s, worked in the fashion industry and wanted to start a business together as partners.  They came for coaching to help them resolve some difficult decisions regarding responsibilities, titles, division of labor, compensation, and in general, areas that required some give and take.

After a few sessions where we focused on the details,  and using the Guide to Choosing the Right Partner, it was obvious that there was not only a lack of trust but also a lack of flexibility on the part of both of them.  They got hung up on titles, on who was spending more time, and other minor issues rather than on what the business would require in order to succeed.

They were disappointed that the result of the coaching was that they should not be partners and so did not feel that the coaching was a success, but I knew it was. Sometimes success is in realizing that you have made a mistake and can begin to correct it.

Hopefully, with the passing of time, they have come to realize that they were saved from enormous heartache and financial loss.