How to Introduce Your Partner to Business Partnership Coaching

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Business Partnerships

At the outset of this journey to go into business as partners, both you and your partner had a dream. You invested your time and your hard-earned money into making that dream a reality. But now you rarely speak and find your time and energy likely consumed by putting out fires, rather than coordinating, communicating, and planning things that your partnership needs to thrive.
The current state of affairs has left you feeling worried about the future of that dream. You may have even contemplated ending the partnership. Looking for help may be your last-ditch attempt to save it.

In your search you came across me, Dr. Dorene Lehavi, a business partnership expert, and you believe that my guidance could hold the key to saving maybe even transforming your partnership. With the tension between you the real challenge now is how to approach your partner and introduce this potential solution. Here’s a recommended 5-step approach:

  • Step 1: Initiate a Heartfelt Conversation: Begin by expressing your desire to have an open and honest conversation with your partner. Let them know that you acknowledge the challenging state of your partnership and that it’s not showing many signs of improvement.
  • Step 2: Present the Expert: Introduce me, Dr. Dorene Lehavi, as the expert who specializes in helping partnerships just like yours. Explain that my expertise could provide fresh insights and practical solutions to the issues you both are facing.
  • Step 3: Share Valuable Resources: Encourage your partner to explore my website. Suggest they start by taking the Success Meter assessment, which can provide valuable insights. They can also download my free 7C’s Handbook, a resource that sheds light on effective partnership dynamics.
  • Step 4Schedule a Consultation: Emphasize the importance of taking the next step by arranging a free consultation with me. This consultation serves as an opportunity to delve into the specific challenges your partnership is facing and explore potential solutions.
  • Step 5: Address Concerns: If your partner has reservations about seeking assistance from someone they don’t know, reassure them by highlighting my extensive knowledge and experience. Mention that I’ve authored the book, Business Partnership Essentials and have successfully guided numerous partnerships through similar challenges. This demonstrates my credibility and track record.

You can facilitate this conversation and guide your partner toward potential solutions by following this approach. 

I look forward to hearing from you and learning how I can help.