Partnership on the Edge: Saved

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Business Partnerships, Partnership Stories

Glen and Randy were ready to split.  They had been in the clothing manufacturing business for 3 years and felt that they were going in different directions.  Coaching was their last hope.

I discovered that they don’t communicate about the business, have no meetings with each other or with their employees.  Glen was in charge of marketing and Randy, the operations side of the business.

The first step as their coach was to get the partners to talk.  In the first session, it became apparent to both of them that they were in agreement more than not.  They also rediscovered that they liked each other and why they became partners in the first place.

The next step was to have them use my Partnership Agreement Template and What Ifs Scenario handbook to make decisions that would serve as a strong foundation for the partnership and the business.

It is crucial that partners meet at least once a week and talk about everything.  They learned that it was to the detriment of their business that not only were the two of them not meeting, but their team members didn’t meet and coordinate their efforts.  We put an infrastructure together with tight agendas and regularly scheduled meetings on all levels.  They were very pleased to watch the bottom line increase and their employees happier as they were helped to see how they fit into the picture and were valued.

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