Prevent the High Cost of Staying at Odds With Your Business Partner

by | May 23, 2023 | Business Partnerships

Avoiding your business partner?

Are you avoiding meeting with your business partner? When you do, is there a lot of tension where everyone is left feeling angry or frustrated? Even more importantly, when you have those conversations, do you leave with nothing accomplished and no decisions made?

There is increasing damage to your business by having this continuous conflict with each other. The solution? Focus on the business – rather than yourselves and your issues with each other. To some, this might seem impossible, but it is a necessary change – unless you are ready to face your exit strategy and leave your business while hostile.

The costs of ending a business are enormous – financial losses, legal costs, and emotional stress will all take a toll. When a business ends this way, it is not just the partners that suffer the loss – it is everyone from the partners’ families, employees, clients, vendors, and even the community.

By focusing on the business and checking your egos at the door – you are able to make sound, responsible decisions that are important to the success and profitability of your business. As an expert on the relationship between business partners, I suggest to my clients that they take the personal emotion and feelings out of these conversations.
Easier said than done.

There are conversations that are difficult to have on your own and this may be one of them. This is precisely the time to engage an expert business partnership coach to help you have those difficult conversations.
A coach will serve as an independent third party guiding you to lower the emotional volume, so you can hear and be heard. Don’t put it off. Unless you take action to reverse the downward spiral it only gets more difficult.