…The Lie Everyone Believes About Business

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Business Partnerships

Whether you learned it in school or through life experience the implication that there are no emotions in business is pervasive. That is NOT TRUE. All of those schools left out some of the most important lessons. The first lesson, you already know is that a business partnership is like a marriage and there are plenty of emotions in all relationships between humans. If you are in the first stage of your partnership, anticipation, some fear, and excitement are at the top of the list…Those are emotions.

But there are many words and concepts related to business that are experienced every day and all of them conjure up emotions. Here are some of them: success, stress, overwhelm, risk, money pressures, spending, win, investing, planning, decisions, disagreements, achievement, who does what, family involvement, hiring and firing, reward, fairness, personal styles, and the list goes on to include even the smallest of annoyances.

By pretending that emotions aren’t connected to these events and trying to ignore them you may be sabotaging the honest and open communications that will keep your partnership viable and business successful.

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